fatah general trading

Fatah General trading Company, is private business, established in 1993 by a group of Somali business men as small textile importing company, since then the business has been gradually increasing and established different business units.
Currently Fatah general trading company and its affiliate (lool tires, Ramaad textile, and Rayan perfumes and cosmetics) is renowned with textile, car tires and batteries , perfumes and many other materials.
Fatah general trading company has fully fledged operation in Mogadishu the capitals city of Somalia with branches in all other Somali regions including Somaliland and puntland, in addition to this the company also has presence in Ethiopian east region and north east region of Kenya.
Fatah General Trading Company employed more than 100 employees of permanent staff from Fatah President to sanitation staff, Fatah also created employment opportunity for many part time employees and indirectly to retailers and many Somali small businesses which depends Fatah Group of companies as their main distributor.